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My experience at this rehab facility was 5 star. ALL staff went above and beyond to make sure my rehabilitation went well and the level of service from beginning to end was second to none. Buddy Platt
Buddy Platt
5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Dan V
I spent 2 months at Moultrie because I could not walk, in this time period they had me up and walking with a walker. The staff and nurses were great to work with I can never thank them enough. The rooms and grounds were always clean and kept up.
chris klein
I’m impressed with the facility. It’s clean, good care and administration seems to be on top of things and keeps everything on point
Legendary Diva
Friendly staff and very clean !
Tommy G
I recently had the opportunity to visit Moultrie nursing facility when a relative spent several months in rehabilitation. I was thoroughly impressed with my experience. The facility is clean, spacious, and well-maintained, with a calming and peaceful atmosphere that immediately put me at ease. The staff at Moultrie are some of the most caring and compassionate individuals I have ever met. They are clearly dedicated to providing exceptional care to their residents and go above and beyond to ensure their comfort and well-being. From the nursing staff to the caregivers, everyone was friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable. During my visit, I was able to observe some of the activities and programs that Moultrie offers to its residents. The activities were engaging, creative, and catered to a wide range of interests and abilities. The residents seemed genuinely happy and engaged, which is a testament to the quality of care and attention they receive. Overall, I would highly recommend Moultrie nursing facility to anyone looking for a safe, caring, and comfortable environment for their loved ones. The staff are top-notch, the facilities are excellent, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Thank you, Moultrie, for all that you do!
Lauren Davis
My boyfriends dad was at Moultrie Creek for three months after a major hip surgery. This was my first experience with a rehab facility. I found Moultrie Creek to be a very professional place and at the same time a very comforting place for patients and visitors. The staff were always interacting and responsive to his needs. It seems that all levels of management, including the Administrator, are always on the floor interacting with patients, staff and families and not “stuck” in their offices. His dad said the Nursing and Rehab staff were excellent, especially in the beginning , when he was most vulnerable and needed total care. The food was good most days he said, but “nothing like my wife’s” cooking he would say. He had a nice private room overlooking the pretty courtyard. His room had a large smart tv which he enjoyed. Overall of in need of Nursing and Therapy services I believe Moultrie Creek is the best choice in town .
Dimana Val
My father spent a couple months at Moultrie rehabbing a broken hip. He was well taken care of by the staff during his time there. He has been out several months now and still raves about the nurses and therapists.
John Davis
Even though rehab /nursing homes are not happy places, the staff is stable and good at what they do. My dad was in rehab 6 years ago, and now my mom and it is the same staff. That says something !!
Sharon Mirzai
I spent 2 weeks at Moultrie Creek and the staff was amazing. I couldn't stand on my own when I went in because I had the been very ill in the hospital.The therapists they have are amazing. They worked with me and got me up standing, very quickly. They would give me tips on what I could do on my own to get me stronger faster. One thing was to push the wheelchair with my hands on the wheels or with my feet alternating which I would practice in the halls. In the physical therapy room, they have a lot of equipment to work with. I worked with the bicycle and the stairstepper. I wanted to be able to climb the stairs at home, and they worked with me climbing stairs. The nursing staff was very helpful. The food there was excellent!! It only me 2 weeks to be able to walk with a walker with the therapists help which was amazing. I also love their garden area which was very peaceful. I would go there again if I need more therapy.
Barbara Cabral
I found nothing to worry about the few times I been to the facility . Very Cleaned and professional staff .
Chad Wells
The staff is amazing . The care my grandmother is receiving is top notch. Thank you Jason and Kami
Michael Williams
I love the relationship between the Nurses/Administrators on site and the Residents! They are so patient and understanding. Thank you for caring for my family as if they were yours! Thank you for being there when I can’t! There’s a lady with blonde/slight brown or reddish short hair that keeps the place in shape. I’m always greeted with a smile from the Staff and Residents
posh fiesta
A+ exceptional care ❤
ralph lewis
Moultrie Creek Rehab is a nursing home that truly provides the best quality care for their patients. Kami Geiger is a wonderful representation of the staff that work there. She always goes above and beyond to ensure patients are comfortable. She even went out of her way to purchase a patients favorite food. She has unconditional love for all of her patients. Moultrie Creek is lucky to have her.
Eric Powell
Absolutely outstanding care. My mom who is 93 was here for two weeks recovering from broken ribs. All the staff we encountered did everything to make her stay as comfortable as possible. A special thank you to Beth and Dorothy whose therapy not only got mom up and walking but took the time to explain how to go about daily routines in a safer manner. The employees here not only are professional but genuinely care about the people they are caring for. I highly recommend Moultrie Creek.
Diane Kennedy
PT & OT excellent. They work hard to get you where you need to be and encourage you all along the way.
Larry DiPianta
The physical therapists and occupational therapists are very professional in helping me walk after hip replacement. They were very caring in my treatment and complete well being. They are a great, dedicated, and compassionate team. Exceptional therapists include Nena, Jo, Rashee, and Dorothy. They have made it possible to walk out of here with a smile on my face and a hop in my step.
Patricia Murphy
I was at Moultrie Creek Rehab following a hip replacement. The rehabilitation staff was excellent. Special kudos to Dorothy and Cath, created a warm and friendly atmosphere that made the hard work of physical and occupational therapy almost fun. I elected to continue my outpatient therapy at this facility and will go again when I get knee replacement. PART TWO I have just finished rehab on my left knee. Same good review, but with a shout out to a "take no prisoners" PT - Beth Norton. She's smart and firm and entertaining. Right knee next and I'm coming back
Grace Reed
my father was here for rehab. the therapy staff has been nothing short of amazing. he came in barely able to stand and 3 weeks later he is walking with a walker and ready to go home! . the nursing staff has been attentive and kind. the CNAs. oh they are the heart of the business! forever grateful!
Jaime Owens
Given my Dad has been at this facility over 4+ years as a rehab center and then later on in life as a nursing home, I have dealt with most of the departments in this facility. My siblings and I contemplated moving him closer to our homes but we realized that would have been a mistake. He was treated with genuine care, during his stay which is a rare commodity in this industry. From the greeting at the door, financial / social admin personnel, OT/PT, nursing and C.N.A staff, my family was assisted in making Dad's time the best. When asked his opinion, Dad would reply he liked the food, the people treated him well and this was a good, clean place. Currently, my stepmother is here for rehab and she has the same comments. Keep the hiring bar and standards high, Moultrie Creek Management!!
Bonnie Sanders
Moultrie Creek is the cleanest and most professional facility in the area. They were very kind to my grandfather and helped him recover from a broken pelvis. The rehabilitation members encourage patients to be safe while building strength. They even encouraged my grandfather to play his saxophone to rebuild his strength and coordination because they saw he would be more motivated.
The therapy department at Moultrie Creek nursing and rehab Center is outstanding. Each therapist is knowledgeable and can clearly explain each procedure they are using. The therapists encourage and assure you that recovery is achievable. They do not give up. All of the therapists are extremely good. I found Beth and Dorothy to be exceptional. I am 100% satisfied with the services I have received and will definitely recommend this facility.
Mary Alice Wolfe
My dad was there for a short time. the staff was very accommodating to my mom who would call to find out how dad was doing. Dad was treated well and the nursing staff was very kind to him.
Donna Perreca
The facility is clean and bright- I always saw housekeeping staff mopping and cleaning. The staff is welcoming and best of all, they allow pets to visit!
Angela T
My special needs, severely handicapped brother (and I) spent over eighty days at Moultrie, and I can attest that Sally and her staff of therapists are second to none. They were successful in his rehab and his one on one sessions every day were pleasurable for him. The nursing and CNA staffs excelled in their care for him. Issues were addressed immediately and followed-up. Everyone engaged him and brought out his happy personality. He was so happy, he was reluctant to leave. All employees treated both of us with a professional attitude and a smile.
Charlene Olds
I'm happy to say that my Dad just returned home after a stay at Moultrie Creek. The therapy staff did a great job getting him back to us, and we are grateful! The facility was clean and the residence staff kept him in good shape.
Erika Graybiel
My father was transferred here from another facility two days ago, He has done more in two days than four months at the prior facility. Walking, eating, smiling, physical therapy they even got him a hearing aid, These angels working at Moultrie Creek have given my father back his dignity and respect that he deserves. Thank you.... After weeks being at Moultrie Creek my father is still improving, happier, and more pleasant. Thank you Moultrie Creek.
Karen Galligan
Moultrie Creek took care of my mother in law following a hospitalization. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable. My mother in law was very comfortable and it was obvious that the staff cared about the patients. The place is clean and bright too.
Charles Summa
Awesome staff and clean facility. Very impressed with the care they have been providing to my family member. They have nothing but good to say about the care they have been receiving.
Amy Meadows
I have the opportunity to visit the Moultrie Creek Rehab and was very impressed with the level of care given by the CNA and RN. CNA was very thorough in preparing resident to bed. She asked the resident how she was doing, what she had for dinner and was very engaged and showed genuine interest in what was being discussed. They were very attentive to the resident and seemed to know what was going with her as they asked various questions to ensure she was not in any discomfort. I can say that my interactions with the staff during the morning or evening was very pleasant and warming. They smiled, greeted me at the nurses station and any concerns I had they immediately addressed or directed me to the appropriate department. The entire staff was very engaging and seemed happy to help and to be at work. The facility is very clean and well kept. I have been to a few rehab in the surrounding area and by far Moultrie Creek have exceeded my expectations with their residents and employees.
Sharla Mcpherson
If my grandmother didn't complain about anything for the year she spent at Moultrie,then they must be good. We couldn't even take her out to dinner without her fussing about something. Staff was always very helpful. And facility looks nice and clean when I visited. Location is great too .
jeffrey lynch
Very clean. Staff very helpful with all questions we had. Any concerns were addressed right away by management. Would highly recommend this rehab center as they really care for their patients, as they did my friend. Thank you Moultrie Creek!
Bree Bennett
Great place that I enjoy going to
Dawn Morrison